New 3.3 and 3.4 Builds and F8 for MY18.5 APIM

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Ford just released 3 new System versions. Two MY19 3.3 labelled 3.3.19016 and 3.3.19052 and a new MY20 3.4 version labelled 3.4.19050.

F8 maps for MY18.5+ APIM are now available too, as Ford started install them in their factory on some new cars.

There is a bad news too... the /etc/shadow file, containing the root password has been removed, at least on the latest 3.4 build. So it's no longer possible to login on the system wthout additional modifications.

Video Player 2.1

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This is a new version of the Sync 3 Video Player.

There no differences compared to the previous 2.0, except that this version is fully working on new Sync 3.4.
Due to major GUI differences between previous Sync 3 versions and new Sync 3 3.4, the player GUI has been adjusted to reflect the new OEM-Like look.

Here you can find a short preview of it

Sync 3 Version 3.4

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Ford just released a new System version labelled 3.4 (Build 18347).

It's based on the previous version 3.202 (for MY20 vehicles) that from now on we think it will be the 3.4.

No Major differences compared to the previos 3.202, except a lot of bugfixes, especially on the GUI.

New European F8 Maps

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Ford released the new European F8 Maps package (no, it's not the fake F8 Map claimed by a German user few weeks ago, since the package was uploaded on the server less than 4 hours ago).

As you can see from the screenshot in the full acrticle, Map Data is dated Q1 2018 (yes, 1 year old!)

Sync 3 MY2020 Preview

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Ford is developing a new version of Sync 3 for future MY20 (MY 2020) vehicles. Just like version 3.2 and 3.3 this new version (labeled 3.202.18249) cannot be installed on MY16 and MY17 APIMs without Jailbreak or direct access to the Flash Memory, but we can confirm that it's indeed working fine.

The GUI has been restyled (and we think it's better looking), and by looking at the code we can confirm that this new version contains new features, but most of them will probably not work on current Vehicles.

What we found so far:

  • Send Feedback
  • Diagnostic / User Data Collection
  • Unified Version for 8" and 10" inch Screen 
  • Fancy MP4 / PNG Previews for some Setting Pages
  • iOS Applink working through Bluetooth!!

Keep in mind that it's still in development and as you can see from the pictures in the full article, it contains some GUI glitches.

Announcing Video Player Version 2.0

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The A-Team is proud to announce a new version of the Sync 3 Video Player!

The biggest news is that the new version no longer display the video feed over the Navigation View, you can now watch a video and switch to Navigation View without any problem.
For the same reason, version 2.0 is now fully supported by Non/Nav units. (Although we never tested it)
Just like Version 1.0, this Player use most of the already available libraries in the system. Its size it's less than 300kb

Announcing Sync 3 Video Player

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Few weeks after the announcement of the Sync 3 Jailbreak, the A-Team is proud to announce the first version of the Sync 3 Video Player!

At the moment the Player works on Nav units only, because the video feed is displayed over the Navigation View.

Currently supported formats are: 3G2, 3GP, M4V, MP4, MPEG4, MOV and AVI

Because it use libraries already in the system, its size it's less than 300kb

Ford Sync 3 has been Jailbreaked

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It's been one month since we created the team, we spent several hours trying to accomplish this and we can finally announce it.

The A-Team is proud to announce that the Ford Sync 3 is officially Jailbreaked!!

We will not release any information right now. We can only confirm that no additional hardware is required to jailbreak the Sync 3.