New European F8 Maps

Written by Super User. Posted in Sync 3

Ford released the new European F8 Maps package (no, it's not the fake F8 Map claimed by a German user few weeks ago, since the package was uploaded on the server less than 4 hours ago).

As you can see from the screenshot in the full acrticle, Map Data is dated Q1 2018 (yes, 1 year old!)

Also, an interesting thing is that there is a new parameter called EUCustomized Ocean=1

A more interesting thing is that the signature contains a 3.2.18310-Pre18.5_PRODUCT versionWe are pretty sure that this confirm that a dedicated 3.2 for MY16 and MY17 APIM is coming soon!

Of course there is a Map License too, which is required to validate the package and proceed to the installation, but to avoid problems with Ford, we will not publish the links... we are sure someone will find it just like for previous versions.