Announcing Video Player Version 2.0

Written by Super User. Posted in Hacks

The A-Team is proud to announce a new version of the Sync 3 Video Player!

The biggest news is that the new version no longer display the video feed over the Navigation View, you can now watch a video and switch to Navigation View without any problem.
For the same reason, version 2.0 is now fully supported by Non/Nav units. (Although we never tested it)
Just like Version 1.0, this Player use most of the already available libraries in the system. Its size it's less than 300kb

Here some screenshots of the GUI:

When Playing standard MP3 Audio Files:

Nothing is changed in GUI when playing MP3 files, everything is OEM.


When Playing Video Files:

This is where the good things happen.
When playing a video file the Album Cover element change with a custom image, and clicking on it will open the Video Player. 
We included some elements but after 5 seconds without any touch event everything disappear with a fancy fade out effect.