Custom Backgrounds and FM Logos on MY16 and MY17 Sync 3

Written by Super User. Posted in Hacks

New MY18.5+ Sync, factory equipped with Sync Version 3.2 and 3.3, contains some new features such Custom Backgrounds (limited to 4 preloaded picture) and FM Station Logos, available only for some new vehicles such Ford Focus MK4.

Installing these versions on old APIM is not possible, unless you Jailbreak the unit or use hardware mods to read/write the flash memory.

While it's true that Background Change come free with the installation of these versions, you can't still set Custom Images, and enabling FM Station Logos require some cod modifications and a packages available only on new Sync MY18.5+. 


The following pictures show some Custom Backgrounds (we tried animated GIF too, but unluckily, only the first frame is set):